Edward Sampson Film and Television Editor 

Avid Media Composer - Final Cut Pro - DaVinci Resolve

Restoration (2014) - In Post

Editor and Post Production Coordinator

Director Tim Tisklauri, Producer Nicola Pepperkorn

New Zealand Film Commission

Permire Short Film


Help (2014)

Editor and Post Production Supervisor


Redtree Creative

Director Andy Cooper, Producer Nicola Pepperkorn

Winner of Trop Fest New Zealand


Crackheads (2013)                                      

Editor and Post Production Supervisor     


Big Rabbit Films

Director Tim Tsiklauri, Producer Andy Sophocleous

Officially selected in the Oaxaca Film Festival, Mexico,

and the Austin Film Festival in Texas. Winner for 2013 New Zealand Film awards for Best Self funded feature film.


Beyond the Edge                                  

Cinetape Services                                  

(Additional Assistant Editor)                      



Post Production Producer Roger Grant, Director Leanne Pooley, Producer Matthew Metcalfe


Russian Dolls                                          

Editor and Post Production Supervisor

Short Film                    

Big Rabbit Pictures

Written/ Director Tim Tsiklauri, Producer Andy Sophocleous


Kimbap  2013                                                 

Editor/ Co Producer                                 

Short Film

​Holy Cow Media Ltd

Director Alex Lee, Writer/ Producer Sapna Samant


Sneak Out 2012                                          

Additional Editor                                      

Short Film

New Zealand Film Commission

Written/ Director Ying Ly, Producer Lani Felthnam


Imagined Homelands 2013                              


(promo) 3mins

Holy Cow Media

Director Sapna Samant, Producer Anne O'Brien

Queensland Art Galley, Gonkar Gyatso


Tankboy  2009                                              

Additional Editor                                   

TV series 14 x episodes

Tankboy Global

Producer Charles Knight


I'm Not Harry Jenson 2009                       

Co- Editor, Co- Producer and Post Producer     

Six String Pictures Ltd

Written/ Director James Napier Robertson, Producer Tom Hern,

Officially selected in the New Zealand International Film Festival


Foul Play   2008                                           

Editor and Producer                              

Short Film

Sampson Pictures

Written/ Director James Napier Robertson


Link  2006                                                   

Editor and Producer                                               

Short Film

Sampson Pictures

Director Paul Roukchan

Selected for the Wairoa Maori Film Festival and Belladonna Film Festival


Royal New Zealand Navy Reserves Promo 2003

New Zealand Defence Force

Editor / Director

Three mins promo


March 2002 -  September 2013

Cinetape Supervisor, Digipost, Auckland, NZ 























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